Dan Rochester (EP, 2017)

Dan Rochester - Dan Rochester (EP, 2017)

1. Luminous Waters
2. This Unbearable Weight
3. Under A Glistening Moon
4. A Graveyard of Stars

Self released digitally in 2017, and on CD in 2019.

Dan also plays and features on:

Spartan Warrior - Hell To Pay (Full Length, 2018)

1. Hell To Pay
2. Bad Attitude
3. Lettin' Go
4. Court of Clowns
5. Something to Believe In
6. Walls Fall Down
7. Shadowland
8. Covered in Lust
9. Fallen
10. In Memorium

4th Album by Spartan Warrior, released via Pure Steel Records.
Cruciamentum - Paradise Envenomed (EP, 2017)

1. Paradise Envenomed
2. Descent to Acheron (Evolving into the Progression of Woe) (Absu cover)

7" Vinyl released via Profound Lore Records.
Vacivus - Temple of the Abyss (Full Length, 2017)

1. Premonitions
2. Towards Infinite Chasms
3. Oubliette
4. Summoning Apophis
5. Cosmological Necroticism
6. Black Flame Serpent
7. Filii Inferos
8. Temple of the Abyss

Debut album by Vacivus, released via Profound Lore Records.
Vacivus - Nuclear Chaos (EP, 2017)

1. Unchaining the Winds of Uncreation
2. Blind Idiot God

7" Vinyl released via Goatprayer Records.
Dawn of Chaos - The Need to Feed (Full Length, 2015)

1. Blind, Torture, Kill
2. The Thrall Engine
3. Force Fed Embryonic Slurry
4. Engineering Atrocities
5. Muffocated
6. Abominatrix
7. An Austrian Nursery Crime
8. Butchered
9. The Need to Feed

Debut and final album by Dawn of Chaos. Released after the band had disbanded, via UKEM Records.
Bone Tomb - Tombs of Blood (Demo, 2015)

1. Tombs of Blood
2. Macabre is Eternal
3. Sorrows of the Moon (Celtic Frost cover)

Released on tape via Goatprayer Records. Now sold out.
Vacivus - Rite of Ascension (EP, 2015)

1. Dark Apotheosis
2. Rite of Ascension
3. Ageless, Nameless
4. Hostis Rei
5. Vacivum Aeternum

Debut EP from Vacivus. Released on tape via Goatprayer Records and on CD via Hellthrasher Productions.
Spartan Warrior - 30 Year Anniversary (EP, 2013)

1. Easy Prey
2. Steel 'n' Chains

Re-recorded versions of the first 2 Spartan Warrior songs written, to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Limited amount of CDs released by the band at live shows.
Dawn of Chaos - Feeding on the Unworthy: Live in London (Live, 2010)

1. The Bitch Died a Virgin
2. Blind, Torture, Kill
3. Muffocated
4. Butchered
5. Force Fed Embryonic Slurry
6. An Austrian Nursery Crime
7. Fisted
8. The Need to Feed

Live CD from the London date of the Insision/Dawn of Chaos UK tour in 2010. Mostly songs from the unreleased at the time, 'The Need to Feed' album.
Dawn of Chaos - Northern Discomfort (Split, 2009)

1. Death's Masterpiece
2. Perverted Pleasures Through Intoxicated Clarity
3. Worms
4. Death Camp
5. Take the Cadaver

Split CD with Neuroma (tracks 1-5) and Dawn of Chaos (tracks 6-10), released via Grindethic Records.
Wrath Within - Dawn of Insanity (Demo, 2007)

1. Dawn of Insanity
2. Parasomniac
3. Rise of the Dead
4. Thrash til Death

Limited to 20 copies, mainly given to friends and press.