“I’m really excited about Dan Rochester and his new acoustic direction! If you love solo acoustic guitar, this EP is a MUST!”

Kathy Parsons

“Collectively the record, when listened to properly, and in the right place proves to be an atmospheric wonder, a vision of a time and place that is not to be missed.” – Jamie Robash, Divide and Conquer

Jamie Robash

“There’s a genuine beauty and emotional weight underpinning lead track ‘This Unbearable Weight’, whose clean finger-picked melodies effuse a haunting, overcast air not unlike the dark folk of Matt Elliot or the numbing flamenco of RM Hubbert.” (Demo of the Month)

Ali Welford

“Through the use of a few layers of acoustic guitar (and occasionally some subtle bass), Dan has crafted four songs full of sweeping melodies and satisfying harmonies.”

Matt Walsh